About us.
Nicefiller is a young and innovative company with the objective of developing, making and distributing innovative polymers for manufacturers of packaging for food distribution that are interested in advanced packaging solutions. Currently, Nicefiller aims at this specific market with Cronogard, a product made entirely within the company and registered with an international patent.
Nicefiller was founded in 2011 as a spin-off from the University of Salerno’s Department of Industrial Engineering
Quality: a value to achieve and preserve.
The growing demand for food products ready for consumption, the globalisation of trade and distribution from centralised processing points are new elements that the food industry has to come to terms with in its continuous search to ensure and increase the safety and quality of foodstuffs. 
The concept of total quality includes not only raw materials and processing technology, but also packaging, which has to meet very different, often difficult requisites to bring together in the same material:
Protection of quality
(hygienic, nutritional, organoleptic and aesthetic)
Low cost
Ease of disposal

This latter aspect, in particular, is emerging as one of the most urgent issues in sustainable development strategies.

These are the challenges that Cronogard counts on winning, offering itself as one of the most advanced, safe and economical food packaging solutions.
What Cronogard is and how it works.
Cronogard was created to address the need for a food conservation and marketing system in continuous evolution.
It is based on an innovative system for introducing active molecules into traditional packaging materials that are able to protect food in a controlled manner.
Approved for contact with foodstuffs
Compostable and recyclable
Can be used on traditional production lines
Less expensive to dispose of
Enables lighter and stronger packaging than with traditional multilayer
Has a competitive price because neither multilayer materials nor chemical additives are necessary
The central element of Cronogard is the filler, an inorganic edible and biocompatible solid which can easily be dispersed in an organic lamellar structure (clay) to obtain hybrid polymers (organic-inorganic) with a barrier functionality, but also able to activate food protection functions and/or externally communicate information that is useful for improved conservation. Its production involved the development of a manufacturing process that is fully compatible with all machining processes and all type of commercial packaging currently in use, from plastic and paper materials to recycled and biodegradable ones. At the customer’s request, molecules with various functionalities can be fixed into Cronogard:
Oxygen or moisture absorbers
Indicators of temperature variations
Complete protection, with nothing added.
Traditional systems for food conservation include a series of more or less forced chemical-physical treatments, and in some cases even the input of additives.
These are treatments that destroy or drastically reduce valuable components of the foodstuff, often changing its nutritional and taste properties.
It is no surprise that there is strong interest in innovative technologies and/or treatments that can minimise these unwanted effects.

Cronogard increases the shelf life of food products and reduces the use of preservatives and sterilisation treatments, protecting food from inevitable side effects and preserving organoleptic characteristics.
A unique solution, with a thousand possibilities.
The hybrid particles used, which are obtained from substances recognised by current regulations in the field as permitted for contact with foodstuffs, are perfectly biocompatible and, consequently, the fillers produced are completely recyclable. 
It is also possible to design fillers that incorporate more functions, based on the characteristics of the foodstuff. In fact, in addition to improving mechanical, thermal and barrier properties,  Cronogard also allows the incorporation of active components to obtain packaging able to:
Maintain or improve the quality of foodstuffs (active packaging)
Monitor the condition of the foodstuff or enable its traceability (intelligent packaging)
Flexible in form and substance.
The technology created for Cronogard can be applied to all polymer matrices, both thermoplastic and thermosetting. All kinds of packaging/containers can therefore be made:
Flexible films
Multilayer film
Rigid packaging
Packaging will never be the same.
The packaging industry is always on the lookout for new technologies and products that can meet the growing demand for food safety, environmental responsibility and resource optimisation.
Cronogard meets the expectations of consumers by offering itself as the vanguard of a new family of composites based on low cost and already existing polymer materials.
Composites which can quickly replace aluminium or other barrier materials, thus allowing packaging that is:
Simple to produce
Economic, in both raw materials and production
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